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Making a complaint

Making a complaint and valuing your feedback

We recognise that sometimes we get things wrong or don’t meet the high levels of service that tenants expect.

At Golden Lane Housing we aim to respond promptly, politely and fairly to complaints. We will acknowledge where things have gone wrong and apologise for failures and learn from our mistakes.

Make a Complaint

You can download a copy of our Complaints policy or get in touch with our Tenant Experience Team.

Watch our video on How to make a complaint

The Housing Ombudsman and the Complaint Handling Code

Read in full the Housing Ombudsman’s Complaint Handling Code.

The Complaint Handling Code was introduced by the Housing Ombudsman to help landlords like Golden Lane Housing resolve complaints quickly and positively. It also asks landlords to learn from complaints.

The code is also a guide for tenants, setting out what they can and should expect from Golden Lane Housing when they are unhappy with the service they receive from us.

It also advises when a tenant can contact the Housing Ombudsman about their complaint.

The Housing Ombudsman Self-Assessment

We are members of the Housing Ombudsman Scheme and our complaints service follows its Complaints Handling Code. We are required to produce a self assessment every year about how we are performing against the Code.

Here you can read our most recent self-assessment.