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Golden Lane Housing works with a wide range of people, including private and social developers and landlords, other partners, financial investors, local authorities and health care commissioning teams.

Our regional teams operate across England, Wales and Northern Ireland to provide housing for people with a learning disability. We have experienced development managers across the regions who work closely with developers and landlords to identify suitable land and properties to lease or purchase, and take schemes from early negotiations through to completion. We are a well networked organisation working with over 160 local authorities and more than 150 support providers. We have a high demand nationally and want to work with landlords and developers to meet these needs.

We are planning on a significant growth within the next few years working with social and private landlords to increase our housing options for people with a learning disability. We would like to hear from developers and investors who want to make a real change to the lives of people we work with.

Our approach is to ensure people with a learning disability have a safe and secure home. To meet the demand, we work with developers and investors to source properties through a range of leasing arrangements.

If you are interested in working with Golden Lane Housing and want to make a difference to the lives of people with a learning disability then we would like to hear from you.

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