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More Voices, More Choices

Who is More Voices, More Choices?

More Voices, More Choices is made up of 12 tenants from across England Wales and Northern Ireland. By sharing their views, advice and experience the group are helping us to review, improve and change the services we provide to tenants.

What we do

  • We meet at least 4 times a year to give Golden Lane Housing advice and feedback about how to improve.
  • We discuss a range of topics that are important to tenants such as: repairs service, complaints, tenant satisfaction.
  • We are involved in influencing and deciding how services are provided and in looking at how well Golden Lane Housing are performing.
  • 5 people from More Voices, More Choices are members of Golden Lane Housing’s Inclusion Advisory Committee. This committee includes 3 board members and 5 tenants and gives tenants direct voice to the board.

Get in touch

If you would like to know more or speak to a member of the committee, please get in touch, call 0300 003 700 or email