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Getting involved

Getting involved

Golden Lane Housing makes sure tenants are at the heart of everything we do.

What is tenant involvement?

Tenant involvement is when tenants are included and have a say in decisions about their homes and the services provided.

Why is tenant involvement important to Golden Lane Housing?

Tenants are at the heart of everything we do at Golden Lane Housing.​

​You know better than we do what works well for you.

Our tenants have fantastic ideas! Listening to your opinions and working together makes the way we work better for everyone.

What ways can tenants get involved?

We have created an information pack to tell you about all the ways Golden Lane Housing involves tenants.

Easy read Tenant Involvement at Golden Lane Housing


Each activity is different and needs a different amount of time and involvement. We can help get you involved in the activity that suits you best.

Want to know more or would like to be involved?

Call us on 0300 003 7007 select option 2 or email




You can read more about how we are involving tenants at every level of the organisation

What tenants have said

“It is amazing. It makes me so happy and excited being involved. It’s great to try new things and get a chance to share,” Kashaf Hussain, Golden Lane Housing tenant and member of More Voices, More Choices.