People's stories

Stephen’s story

Moving from a hospital environment to supported living has helped Stephen to live a full and active life.

“For the last 40 years, I’ve been living in and out of a hospital. Sometimes I wasn’t treated very well but that’s the psychological bit of it. I was living on a ward with 15 people and there wasn’t much privacy.

Wayne and I were on the same ward and we’re mates. When it came to moving to supported living we decided to share a place together as we thought it’d work out well. In some ways I didn’t want to leave the hospital as my friends were there and my favourite nurses.

In the September, Golden Lane Housing’s Housing Officer Joe came to see me. I couldn’t manage the stairs very well but wanted a place near to the things I enjoy. My new home is really modern and homely, and although it’s near to a main road you can’t hear anything. I definitely prefer this as my home. Everything is close by and I’ve settled in. I get on with the neighbours and have started making new friends.

The first night in my new home was strange. I had my own bedroom, and I sunk into my bed, it was really comfy. There were noises I wasn’t use to, that considering I slept quite well. It was nice to wake up knowing I could get up when I wanted.

The main thing between being in hospital and my new home is the outlook, it’s positive. I have choice now – with meals, what I do and when and buy what I want. At the hospital everyone was in bed by 11pm. Now, if I can’t sleep and want to chat to someone, I can.

I’ve always liked snooker, my favourite player is Jimmy White. There’s a pub down the road where I play snooker. They’ve asked me to join their snooker team. I’m also interested in aircraft spotting and writing poetry.

I really like the staff too. They are very helpful and a good laugh. They don’t mind staying out late with us either.”