People's stories

June’s story

June has been a Golden Lane Housing tenant for many years. She and her much loved dog Toffee live in a lovely flat in Southampton.

June felt very sad because the tenant who lived in the flat below kept calling her names and making her feel scared and frightened to go out.

Sometimes the other tenant would throw things at June’s dog and her carer and often played loud music. June started to feel that the only way to fix the problem would be to move out of her home just to get away from the tenant downstairs.

June met with her housing officer Joanna from Golden Lane Housing who helped her to understand what was going on and how she could help.

Joanna explains, ‘’I wanted to ensure that Golden Lane Housing safeguarded June from any sort abuse as June is considered a vulnerable person. Golden Lane Housing did not own the flat below June’s, so I met with the housing provider who did. They agreed that the neighbour was causing a lot of upset and that they had evidence that she had broken the terms of her tenancy by harassing her neighbours. We worked together with the local police and the neighbour was charged with anti-social behaviour and given an injunction to stop the bad behaviours straight away. Unfortunately, the neighbour still continued to upset June.”

“I felt really poorly and I had to go to see my doctor to get some medicine to help me feel less anxious,” said June.

Joanna spoke to June every week on the phone and made regular visits to June’s home to support her. June really valued this contact as she felt she was being listened to and that everyone was working together to try to find a solution. Joanna kept in regular contact with the other housing provider who were very helpful and understanding.

Things did not get any better and because there was good evidence of what was happening to June, the tenant below was served with a Notice Seeking Procession. This meant the neighbour would have to move out. After a final court hearing was successful, the neighbour moved out of the flat below June.

June was delighted. June says, “I am so pleased – Joanna really supported me to keep my home and not giving in to the bullying neighbour. I can get on with my life now.”