Golden Lane Housing supports Safeguarding Adults Week 2023

November 24, 2023

This week is Safeguarding Adults Week and we’ve been raising awareness of our approach in supporting people to have good health, wellbeing and making sure they are treated fairly and with respect.

Becky Arrowsmith, Head of Housing, leads on the organisation’s approach to safeguarding. This year she has developed a new training session for all Golden Lane Housing employees as well as working in conjunction with the Ann Craft Trust drawing on their expertise and supporting their vital research.  Becky has also been supporting the work of our Safeguarding Network Forum where a number of housing associations come together to talk about good safeguarding practices and creating safe cultures.

She tells us “Safeguarding Adults Week is an opportunity for organisations to come together to raise awareness of important safeguarding issues. The aim is to start vital conversations and share best practice, so we can all be better together in helping to keep people safe from abuse.

 “This year the theme is all about looking after yourself and others, and at Golden Lane Housing, the Housing Team will be taking part in a session dedicated to exploring how colleagues can develop tools to help them look after themselves and support each other when dealing with safeguarding concerns. Many of our tenants are vulnerable and sadly some are at risk of exploitation. It is vital that we are able to recognise the risk of harm and abuse in whatever form it may take, and we need a strong, resilient team to support them.

“In December ,we are pleased to be welcoming The Ann Craft Trust who will be delivering a session to our More Voices, More Choices tenant committee and will talk to them about the work they do, and how our tenants could be a part of some important research they are working on.”

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