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Your money

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Supporting you about your money

If you receive any letters about Housing Benefit or have questions about rent, please call 0300 003 7007 and press option 2.

If you have a question about your rent or you are worried about debt, most of our tenants receive full housing benefit to pay for their rent. You can email

If you have a question about your rent, Housing Benefit or you are worried about debt, call our helpdesk and press option 2 for our housing income team.

We want to make sure all our tenants receive their full amount of Housing Benefit and can help you if you have any concerns.

Golden Lane Housing will

  • help you and the people who support you to claim for Housing Benefit to pay your rent
  • give you advice on ways to pay your rent if you can not claim Housing Benefit or if you need to pay some money towards your rent
  • talk to you and your staff about how to manage money. For example, paying bills