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Why voting is important to Dean


Using Golden Lane Housing’s Great Tenants scheme Dean lives on his own in Exeter supported by Sense. After receiving the information about Mencap’s Hear My Voice campaign he describes what is important to him.

“I’ve voted before but things need to change to make it easier for people to understand the information about the parties so they can decide who to vote for. I can read but bigger writing would make it easier for me but other people need a lot more help.

When I moved into my home I filled in the forms so I’ve already registered to vote. I’m going to be watching the TV during the run up to the General Election to find out about the policies of each party, then I can choose who to vote for.

Good healthcare and housing is important to me. Where I used to live, the housing was really expensive and I shared with others but it didn’t suit me. My support and Golden Lane Housing helped me to find a place, I like my flat! Living on my own suits me, I’m happier having my own space.

I have chosen to live on my own and not share with others. I’ve got more independence and like the area where I live. I go into town, catch the bus to places and go to the pub. I’ve got to know people in the area too. The staff have taught me how to keep safe and they’re always here if I need them.”