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Wells Fargo’s donation transforms garden


With the money donated by Wells Fargo we have been able to transform David and Kenny’s garden into an accessible, low maintenance garden,

David and Kenny are brothers who lived with their parents all their lives in Southampton. When their parents passed away the property was bequeathed to Golden Lane Housing but needed to be refurbished to help them to live more independently. Whilst there were funds to refurbish the house itself, little work could be carried out to the garden.

David and Kenny have mild disabilities but they are independent and the support they receive is for day to day living activities such as cooking, cleaning and help with finances. The garden maintenance has always been the brothers’ responsibility but in recent years it has been a struggle as their mobility decreased.

“I used to help my Dad do the gardening, I really enjoyed doing it. When my Dad was no longer here we got a gardener but we couldn’t afford it anymore.

I started to do the gardening, after a while it became too much.  The steep steps down to the bottom of the garden didn’t have a grab rail, they became slippy and I couldn’t get down there.  The garden got so overgrown we couldn’t use it,” says David.

The garden was transformed


“The work took about six weeks, every morning before going to the day centre we looked out of the window to see how it was coming along, it was so exciting!  We got on really well with the workmen, we use to chat to them and they would tell us what they had been doing.

We are looking forward to the summer; we’ve got lots to do!  There’s the fence to paint blue, we’re getting a bird table and a shed.  Our table and chairs will be going on the decking and we have chosen where to put the barb-b-cue.  Soon we’ll be going to the garden centre; we’re going to get some flowers to put in pots so we have lots of colour.

We would like to say thank you to Wells Fargo for our lovely garden.  It will be easy to look after it now and it’s somewhere we can relax and enjoy.

When the weather warms up we’re going to have a decking party and invite all our friends round,” says David and Kenny.

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We are developing an adaptation fund to ensure individuals with higher needs who are unable get specialist work funded through any other route will still have the opportunity to get the quality housing they can build their lives around.

Every donation made will make a huge difference to someone’s life.