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0300 003 7007

Our head office in Manchester is now closed until further notice due to coronavirus. We are still available to help.

9am-5pm – office hours 5pm-9am - for emergencies and emergency repairs  

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You can speak to Golden Lane Housing’s staff during office hours. Our out-of-hours service is taking calls for emergencies and emergency repairs.

Call our helpdesk on 0300 003 7007

9am-5pm – office hours

5pm-9am - for emergencies and emergency repairs

Speak to our staff

Our staff are here to help you. Call the helpdesk and press one of the following options:


Option 1 is for the repairs team.

How can they help you?

The repairs team are only doing emergency repairs at this time. You can also tell us if you have a non-urgent repair and will arrange for this to be done in the future.

Option 2 is for the housing income team.

How can they help you?

The housing income team can help you with your money, rent or benefit advice.


Option 3 is for the housing team.

How can they help you?

You can talk to them about any worries you have about your home or wellbeing.


Option 4 is for the development team.

How can they help you?

You can find out information about our new homes.


Option 5

This option is to advise of the enquiries email address


Your health, safety and wellbeing


Our tenant’s health, safety and wellbeing is very important to us. We cannot visit you at this time because of the coronavirus unless it is to do an emergency repair.


We are keeping in touch with our tenants by phone and Skype. You can call your housing officer on the number above.



If you can smell gas, ring the National Gas Emergency Service:

0800 111 999


Emergency services

If there is an emergency and you need the Police, an ambulance or the Fire Brigade ring:

999 or 112

Electricity Board

If you have a power cut or lack of power to your home, contact your local electricity board.


Water board

If you have got no water coming into your home through the taps, contact your local water board.



To find out more information about the services they give you, contact your council. For example, council tax, refuse and pest control