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Telephone 0300 003 7007

Golden Lane Housing - Housing you can build your life around

Telephone 0300 003 7007

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Meeting an individual’s needs

Supported Living at Golden lane housing

Golden Lane Housing has been finding homes for people with a learning disability across England and Wales for over 19 years.

About supported living

We provide supported living housing for people around which they can build their lives. Housing and personal care is provided separately to ensure people can make choices about where, how and with whom they wish to live.

This service is appropriate for people with a wide range of needs, enabling them to have an independent lifestyle and take control of their lives. It is an alternative to living in a residential home or with family. Above that, supported living can mean living on your own or with others but with support being provided as needed from a few hours a week to 24/7 support.




About GLH

Providing rented housing you can build your life around.

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