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Rebecca talks about the benefits of working


Rebecca Allen works as a receptionist at Golden Lane Housing and Mencap’s office in Manchester. She explains how working has helped her.

“On 18 August, I’ll have been working here for three years – where’s that time gone! I understand and accept my learning disability and that I have epilepsy, but I’ve never let them stand in my way.

Finding a job wasn’t easy. Mencap’s Employ Me team helped me, without them I don’t think I’d be in long term employment. They gave me the skills I needed to find a job and supported me in the beginning.

This is my first office job, and it’s great working here. Everyone gets on, it’s like one big family. It’s a happy place to be.

I’m really pleased to be part of the team working with people with a learning disability to find a home – I know how important it is.

When I look back, I used to be a real shy person, and having a job has helped me to grow in confidence. I’ve really accomplished a lot, but know there’s always more to learn, which is good.

When people come to the reception desk, I always make them feel welcome and enjoy chatting to them. Often I see the same people, but when it’s someone new, I always try to make them feel relaxed. I’m always friendly on the phone too.

Over time I’ve been given more responsibilities. It was scary to begin with but I’ve got used to it. Now, people also ask me to do work for them, and I know they appreciate what I do. If I’m asked to do something new, I might need to ask a few questions but I know I’ll be able to do it.

Recently I’ve learnt to multi-task! People have given me tips on how to do it, and it’s worked. That’s helped me to do my job better.

I’m proud of what I’ve achieved and look forward to learning more skills.”

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