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Raising standards


The quality of someone’s home can have an enormous impact on their lives so that’s why Golden Lane Housing is continually looking at ways to raise our standards with the support of our tenants.

In 2010 we committed to spending £4m by implementing a five year renovation programme and carry out extensive maintenance works following a detailed stock condition survey on the properties we own.

Gareth is one of many tenants to benefit from the works as we conclude the second year on target and within budget.

£850,000 budgeted for 2013-2014

We are pleased to announce in this year’s programme we are spending £850,000 on improvement works to our properties.  This is in addition to our annual checks, planned work, emergencies and day-to-day repairs.

The improvement works include:

North of England                       South of England
Kitchens                     20              Kitchens                 16
Windows                      2              Windows                 19
Bathrooms                    5             Bathrooms               13
Heating systems         15             Heating systems       7

Improving services with the help of our tenants

Every tenant has some maintenance work done to their home during their tenancy, whether it is an annual check to a boiler, maintenance work or a repair.

Through the involvement of our tenants and their support staff we improve our services ensuring work is carried out to a high standard with minimal impact on their daily lives.

We want more people to give us their views on maintenance work carried out within 7 days and 28 days periods.  Currently the contractors are distributing questionnaires on the completion of each job, from April 2013 Golden Lane Housing will issuing them with each works order sent out to a property and encouraging people to send them back.

With these results we can find out if and where there are areas for improvement so we can continue to deliver the right service for our tenants.