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Providing quality homes


Giving our tenants choice about their home is where Golden Lane Housing’s (GLH) journey begins. Over 1,500 people with a learning disability live in over 600 properties in their community that we own or lease.

Every year we invest a large amount of money to ensure the houses and bungalows we own are maintained to a high standard that meet the needs of our tenants.

Ray (pictured above) benefited from our Maintenance Improvement Programme as his bathroom was transformed into a fully accessible wet room with a toilet and sink in his favourite Leeds United football team colours.

“I moved out for a week while the work was being done. When I came back I was so happy, it looks great. Now I can get in there easily and I’ve got a Leeds United towel to go with it.”

Our growing team

As we continue to be successful in our development activities our asset base has grown, and as a result in 2014 we set up a dedicated planned team headed up by Nigel Litten our planned programme manager. Nigel with the support of his team of surveyors and property officers continue to work closely with our tenants to make sure the works we do gives them choice, meet their needs and aspirations.

How have we invested in the properties we own?

2009 GLH completed a stock condition survey. These results led to a five year planned programme

2010/15 £4.6 million has been invested through our planned programme

2014/15 £1,042,908 has been invested through our planned maintenance works

2015/16 £980,000 planned improvement works will be carried out to 102 tenants’ homes

Planned Maintenance Strategy 2015

Our Planned Maintenance Strategy 2015 sets out our approach to delivering planned works, our tenants are at the heart of everything we do and the strategy features some of their stories.

Download our Planned Maintenance Strategy 2015 or easy read version.