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My dream came true, I’m a DJ!


Timothy became a DJ at a Community Radio Station in Cornwall and wanted to find a place to live close to his activities and work supported by Mencap. He explains how his dream of becoming a DJ came true.

“When I was looking for somewhere to live, I wanted it to be near to the centre of Penzance because everything I do is there,” says Timothy.

“I’m really happy living here. I like the house, and it’s a nice area. The neighbours are friendly, I get on well with them, even the people further up from me. It only takes me about 15 minutes to walk to the town centre, that’s where I do my DJ-ing.

From being young, I’ve always been interested in music, I love it! For 25 years I listened to the Top 40 Charts on the radio. It was on every Sunday. I’d write down the songs they played and I can still remember all of them. Now it’s off air, and they’ve changed the day to a Friday, I suppose nothing goes on forever. I sometimes listen to it online so I know what’s new.

How I became a DJ. Well, one day I said to my parents, I’ve got a dream, and I want to become a DJ. My carer at the time spoke to the manager at Penwith Community Radio Station. Then I went for an interview and they were really impressed when I told them I could remember all the songs from the charts from the last 25 years. To start with I worked on the computer keeping the music database up-to-date, then I started doing more things. I’d do the research to find out the birthdays of famous people and make a list – Alan used it in his show, he’s the manager now. I started to get more confident and began doing some of the production.

Then I got my own show, my dream came true, I’m a DJ! I’ve been doing it for six years and I’m on air every Friday between 1pm-2pm. I still work on the computers and help out doing other things.

I started to do a mystery year quiz in my show, then I changed it to Tim’s Teaser link. I put a link in between the songs and people have to guess what it is and ring in with the answer. I’m going to put these into a book. I do dedications as well. My family listen to me, some of my friends live in Ipswich, and my brother and his wife sometimes listen in Moscow.

The staff are a good laugh and everyone gets on very well. I absolutely love working here.”

“Tim’s great to work with,” says Alan Jones, director at Penwith Community Radio Station. “As well as doing his show he does some of the acts of production and updates the music database for the station. His confidence has grown over time so we’ve got him involved in more things. He helps me on my show too and researches various information for us to use on our shows.”

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