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We aim to provide you with a good quality and safe home that is in good condition.

Sometimes repairs are needed to ensure that you continue to enjoy the comfort of your home.

Read Golden Lane Housing’s Repairs and maintenance guide


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emergency repairs
Phone 0300 003 7007 and select option 1, lines are open 24 hours a day


Emergency repairs will be responded to within 24 hours of it being reported to Golden Lane Housing or our out of hours repairs service.

Examples of emergency repairs are things like,

  • roof leaks – (the contractor will only be able to fix the leak if the weather is okay)
  • water leak (for example a burst pipe)
  • a fault with your shower (if there is only 1 shower in your home or you do not have a bath)
  • no heating and/or hot water
  • the toilet flush is broken and there is only 1 toilet in your home
  • all or most of the lights and/or plugs do not work.
  • gas leaks – find out what to do in a gas emergency

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non urgent repairs

Appointable or non-urgent repairs will be responded to within 20 days of the repair being reported to Golden Lane Housing. Where possible we will arrange an appointment for a day and time that is convenient for you.

Here are some examples of non urgent repairs we can fix in your home,

  • repairing leaking rainwater pipes and gutters
  • repairing or replacing extractor fans
  • faulty locks (if your window or door can still be locked)
  • small leaks (for example wastepipes to the sink)
  • repairing bannisters or handrails
  • repairing outside lights in wintertime
  • putting in new taps or re-sealing baths and sinks
  • plaster work to the walls inside your home
  • repairs or putting in new fence panels
  • re-fixing slipped or missing slates off your roof.
  • putting new doors in and putting new hinges to doors inside your home
  • repairing a flat roof (if you have one)

To report a non-urgent repair phone 0300 003 7007 select option 1 or email propertyservices@glh.org.uk

You can also do this online, Report a repair


Reporting damp and mould in your home

If you would see damp or mould in your home, report this to us by:

Phone 0300 003 7007 and press option 1.

Email: propertyservices@glh.org.uk


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types of planned works

Golden Lane Housing carries out planned works on your home to to keep it in a good condition. 

Some of the works we carry out include:

  • painting the outside of your home. We don’t paint the inside your home unless it has already been agreed that Golden Lane Housing will paint shared areas.
  • putting on a new roof (when it is needed)
  • putting in a new bathroom (when it is needed)
  • putting in a new kitchen (when it is needed)
  • boiler replacement (when it is needed)
  • putting in new windows and front/back doors (when these are needed)


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Our Quality Team work within the repairs service and make sure that repairs are carried out to a good standard and that your property is well maintained.

The Quality Officers will visit your property if a repair has been recently completed. They will make sure the repairs have been completed properly and that you are happy with the service from the repair person.

They may also call you to arrange a check of the whole property. This is to make sure that your home is in good condition and that everything is working properly.

If a complaint has been made, they may need to visit your home to investigate the standard of the property or recent repairs carried out.


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Here are some of the repairs that we would expect you to do at home.