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Improving tenants homes and services


This year, Golden Lane Housing is set to spend £2m on tenants’ homes and has implemented new services.

A person’s home has a major impact on their lives that’s why Golden Lane Housing is set to spend £2m in this year’s overall maintenance programme and new ways of working to deliver a better service.

New ways of working

The Contractors Web Portal introduced on our computer system has enabled repairs raised by our helpdesk to be viewed and updated by contractors on a live web page.  This efficient way of working benefits our tenants as we can provide them with live information on the progress of works to their home.

Improving services further, we now offer our tenants appointments when they call to report a non urgent repair.  Gilmartins were the first contractor to go live with the system at the beginning of 2013 and we immediately saw a decrease in chase up calls to the helpdesk as appointments were being honoured. 

As a follow up, a letter is sent out confirming a repair has been reported which includes the completion date and a questionnaire to support us with monitoring our service standards.

Delivering a better service

At the beginning of 2013 we undertook a re-structure of the property and customer service functions and created a new post of maintenance and compliance manager.  Mark Felton was appointed in May and his focus will be on developing effective processes and improvement to the maintenance service we offer to our increasing asset base.  Mark will focus initially on the customer service delivery by our contractors as well as continuing the programme of fire safety in our properties.  By working with the helpdesk and property officers he will support the team to accurately diagnose repairs to ensure we achieve a first time fix on as many repairs possible.

 Re-investing in properties


We delivered a successful planned maintenance programme in 2012-2013 as a result of this we achieved savings in our reactive budget. 

30% of properties benefitted from the cyclical programme

138   New paint work
 61   Internal decorations
 77   External windows, walls and facias

54% of GLH owned properties received re-investment work:

22   New windows
43   Major works to update kitchens
26   New baths installed and works to bathrooms
24   New boilers


We have a £2m maintenance budget to cover our planned maintenance, reactive repairs programme and to ensure our properties are legally compliant.  Within this allocated spend, the planned maintenance budget of £824K will cover around 198 properties, around 51% of the Golden Lane Housing owned stock, and follows this years’ extensive programme.