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I’m a Mencap Young Ambassador by Dan


Friends Dan, James and Aaz live together in a bungalow bought using 2013 bond monies. He shares his great experiences of being a Mencap Young Ambassador which has also led to making new friends.

“I’m a Mencap Young Ambassador, and James is just signing up to it. We meet up every two weeks at the Manchester office. The programme helps people to learn new skills, such as finding a job and we also get involved in other things. I really enjoy it and have made new friends.

Golden Lane Housing asked us to take part in their staff day so we did a great icebreaker at the start of the day (pictured above). I’ve also been one of the co-facilitators at Mencap’s ‘Our Leadership Way’ in Birmingham with John Verge from Golden Lane Housing, which was good, I really enjoyed doing that. I’ve also been involved in interviewing new staff for another home where Mencap are providing the support for people. It’s good to put everything I’ve learnt into practice.”

John Verge, head of development said, “It was fantastic to work alongside Dan at the event launching Mencap’s leadership model to over 70 managers from across the charity and the country. He has clearly gained great confidence from his role as a Mencap Young Ambassador. Dan helped everyone understand how the right leadership can support the organisation and themselves. He greatly supported the passion and commitment of the managers on the day and I’m sure going forward in their busy working lives.”

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