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Mencap’s Hear My Voice campaign is all about giving people with a learning disability and their families the chance to speak to their political candidates. To make sure they are truly heard.

Together, we hope that this will help future MPs understand the issues that matter to people with a learning disability. Not just during the General Election, but beyond.

Golden Lane Housing has been taking to the streets to find out what some of our tenants would like to tell their MPs who are supported by Mencap and other providers.

“I’d like to get to know my MP, and for them to take the time to meet me and listen to what I’ve got to say. Good healthcare is important and to have a good quality of life and the respect like other people.”

“Having 1-2-1 contact with my MP so I can tell them what’s important. Good healthcare, more modern housing options, having more of a say on supported living options, help with getting out and about, befriending services options, employment voluntary work and day centre options.”

“I’d like more housing options and easy read information. I have been looking for paid work for a couple of years now and haven’t got anywhere. There needs to be more jobs for people with a learning disability.”

“Better housing and choices, more social support so I can do lots of things with my friends, and better healthcare is needed.”

“There should be more jobs available. Having a job is important – you can earn money, it gives you confidence and you meet more people. I enjoy doing activities and they keep me fit. I want to carry on doing them so I don’t want my funding cut.”

“There should be easier access to free healthcare, don’t decrease support hours, and no restrictions on bus passes – you can use them on all transport, like trains.”

Sign up to Mencap’s Hear My Voice campaign today!

Mencap are asking you to share your story and ask your future MP, “Are you listening?” Sign up to Mencap’s Hear My Voice campaign.

Registering to vote and the General Election

Your vote matters. Please remember you need to register to vote by 20 April 2015 to be able to vote in the General Election.

Visit Mencap’s website to download the easy read guides about voting and the election day information.