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Having the right home and support


Tessa, Elizabeth and Katie lived together for many years in Northumberland when they chose Mencap to support them as their needs were no longer being met.

“Elizabeth and Katie lived together first, then I joined them,” said Tessa. “I’ve been living here for many years, I’ve lost count how many! We love our house but it wasn’t working out with the staff and it’s important to have the right staff to support you.”

Golden Lane Housing found out the ladies were unhappy at a Tenancy Review. With their agreement we approached Mencap to see if they could help.

Tessa, Elizabeth and Katie said, “We went down to Mencap’s offices and interviewed the staff. Jo, our support staff impressed us. She used to work at Dilston College when Mencap ran it, so she is trained to help people with a learning disability, which makes a big difference. She has a bubbly character and is a very nice person.

Things are different now. The staff are much better people, we’re very happy with them and have fun too. They are understanding, encourage us and give good advice about how to tackle any problems. We can talk to them about anything, they’re really nice staff.

We’ve already started to do new things, more trips out and using the buses. Before we’d ask staff but they always had things to do so couldn’t take us places whereas Jo says, ‘no we’re going out!’ We make decisions together, its team work.

We all do different things and have different hobbies too.

Everyone should have the same opportunity as us. Equal lives, that’s what’s important, and having the right home and staff is part of that.”