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Golden Lane Housing gains membership of The Social Stock Exchange



London, 22 December 2014 –, the UK’s home of impact investing, has today granted membership to Golden Lane Housing (GLH).

Providing supported housing around which people with learning disabilities can build their lives, GLH was established as an independent registered charity by Mencap in 1998 to help tackle the immense challenges that people with a learning disability face in finding a home. Earlier in the year, GLH issued a Retail Charity Bond which raised £11m in a vastly over subscribed offering, putting the charity at the forefront of impact investing in the UK.

Alastair Graham, director of Golden Lane Housing, commented:

“With the money we have raised on capital markets over the last two years, we are providing desperately needed homes for over 250 people with a learning disability across the country. Working with Mencap and Bangor University we have assessed the impact both on the individuals who have moved into housing purchased using the 2013 Bond money and on their families. This shows that rather than being just a move, it’s been a launching pad and a new lease of life for our tenants. This has also been confirmed from my own visits to our new tenants who proudly showed me round their new homes.

“I’m delighted that GLH is now a member of Social Stock Exchange (SSX) and very happy to support the expansion and development of the social investment market. SSX gives GLH additional exposure and profile, and helps us secure much needed housing for people with a learning disability.”

Pradeep Jethi, chairman of the Social Stock Exchange Admissions Panel, added:

“The GLH impact report is an excellent example of what the Admissions Panel seeks in terms of high-quality impact reporting. The Panel consistently looks for clearly articulated social impact outcomes and relevant indicators that provide evidence of the positive change the organisation wants to make happen. And that, without any doubt, is what GLH’s impact report does.”

About the Social Stock Exchange

The Social Stock Exchange was officially launched by UK Prime Minister David Cameron in June 2013. The aim of the exchange was to create a platform to help businesses that deliver a social or environmental impact connect with investors and unlock capital at scale. 11 founder members originally joined the Social Stock Exchange and all member companies must meet a rigorous set of criteria before joining, including the publication of an Impact Report.

In September 2014, the Social Stock Exchange announced plans, subject to regulatory approval, to become an exchange in the formal sense of the word –  a venue where impact businesses of all sizes raise capital from investors who themselves want to deliver an impact. It will also host a secondary market allowing investors to trade these holdings and a crowd funding platform, which makes investing for impact far more accessible to retail investors.

Golden Lane Housing’s 2014 Social Impact Report

You can download a copy of Golden Lane Housing’s Social Impact Report.