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Enjoying life with friends!


Dan, James and Aaz share a place together in Rochdale supported by Mencap. They moved into their home purchased using 2013 Bond monies which was adapted so they can move freely around in their wheelchairs. They explain how much they’re enjoying life.

“Living here is awesome! We’ve become great friends and have a laugh with the staff too,” says Dan, James and Aaz.

“I used to live on my own in a house and I had three carers. I liked it there but I had to leave due to the government cuts. I went to school with Aaz and knew James from the Gateway Club, and we got on well,” says Dan.

“We were living with our parents and got to know each other when we were moving in here,” says Aaz and James.

Dan, James and Aaz explain, “Sometimes we go out together but have our own interests too.

Every Friday night we go to the Gateway Club to meet up with our friends. We’ve just been for a picnic in Heaton Park with Dan’s sister Tracey and the staff.

We’re due another big night out together soon; we’ll have to plan it with the staff to see when we’re all free. We’ve been out for a few nights in Manchester and Blackpool, but last time we went to Yates nearby and stayed out until the early hours, it was awesome.

This year, we’re having our first lads’ holiday, we can’t wait! We’re off to the Lake District for a week, and it’s going to be a right laugh. They have volunteers at the holiday park but we’re going to take a couple of members of staff too.”

“I’m a big Manchester City fan and so is James,” explains Dan. “Last year I went to lots of away games. I’ve got a mobility vehicle so I can travel; the furthest I went to see them play was in Southampton. The season starts again in August and I’ve already got my season ticket.”

“I’m about to get my season ticket,” says James, “I’ve been saving up. I’ll be next to Dan at the games and we’ll be singing ‘Blue Moon’ with everyone else! It’s going to be awesome. My Dad will be coming with me as well.”

Aaz has a real love for music, he explains, “I regularly go to watch live bands. One of my favourite gigs was going to see Gabrielle, and I got to meet her afterwards. I’ve also met Michael Jackson three times when I lived in South Africa and have been on stage with him once – I got a call from his bodyguard at the hotel where I was staying inviting me to go on stage with him. Recently James came with me to see Ella Henderson, and we got to meet her too, James has got the picture on his phone!”