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Double scoop at the Third Sector Awards!


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Golden Lane Housing (GLH) and Mencap were winners at the Third Sector Awards.

Golden Lane Housing won the Social Investment of the Year Award for the Retail Charity Bond. One of the judges, Joe Youle, chief executive of Missing People described the Bond as “an innovative and effective idea that has helped people desperately in need.” Meanwhile Mencap picked up the Digital Innovation Award for the Hear my voice general election campaign. Chris Michaeloudis, director of development at Nim Design, said “This is an excellent way of using digital technology for social issues.”

The Bond was the first ever charity bond to be listed on the London Stock Exchange and raised £11 million, closing early and heavily oversubscribed after less than two weeks. It was issued through the new Retail Charity Bonds platform, created by Allia to make it possible for charities to access loan finance from mainstream investors through listed bonds.

We were honoured to have Paul, GLH tenant, and Vijay and David, Hear my voice campaigners, celebrating this fabulous evening with us.

Rod Dugher, head of housing at GLH said, “We were absolutely delighted when Mencap won the Digital Innovation Award, but then the pressure was on for us! We are extremely proud to have received the Social Investment Award for the Retail Charity Bond. Paul took centre stage as we were presented the trophy by Alex Brooker. He held the trophy up and there was a real appreciation among the audience for our work. As we headed back to the table Paul was getting high fives and affection from people as we passed by. It was a truly memorable occasion.”

Tim Jones, chief executive of Allia commented, “Golden Lane Housing is a great example of why we created the Retail Charity Bonds platform. With the funds they’ve been able to raise through a retail bond, GLH is making an enormous difference for many more people with learning difficulties. As the first pioneer to use the platform we’re delighted they’ve been recognised with this award.”

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Rossanna Trudgian, Head of Campaigns at Mencap, said, “We are thrilled that Hear my voice won the Digital Innovation Award. We’re so proud of our engagement with campaigners online and how we were able to help people with a learning disability and their families share their stories with their election candidates – and to have this recognised across the third sector is incredible. We are over the moon!”