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Developing a home for the future


Christian and his friends Gillian, Hazel, David and Robin had lived together for many years. Reduced mobility and changes to their personal care needs meant their Mencap home was no longer suitable.

With a change in their needs and a desire to stay living together they approached Golden Lane Housing (GLH) to find them a new home.

“This is a great move, their new home is absolutely perfect!” says Rosie Stapylton, scheme manager at Mencap. “Gillian, Hazel, Christian, David and Robin all have different needs. Two use wheelchairs requiring hoists to help with their personal care while others need support to access leisure activities in the local town.

We got in touch with GLH to help us find their new home. They have leased a property for seven years from a fantastic landlord in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. He is a true advocate of supported living and has kindly invested a large amount of money to specially adapt their home including door widening and making other structural alterations, and GLH paid for extensive bathroom alterations.

Together we developed their home with the future in mind. Currently only two people require a hoist for personal care, but it has been designed for three people to benefit from two assisted bathrooms as one of the bathrooms has two adjoining bedrooms – only Robin uses this hoist at present. It works by having fixed tracking in the bedroom with a complex moveable tracking system in the bathroom enabling it to be relocated to the bath. It means a person can use the hoist straight from their bed to the bath.

It’s a complete contrast to where they were living before. Now they’re in the centre of Thirsk they can easily go to the shops, have a meal or coffee and get involved in different activities as it’s within walking distance. People around Thirsk in the shops often now take time to talk to Gillian, Hazel, Christian, David and Robin, making them feeling much more of a wider community than they could before. We’re even in a better position to recruit staff should we need to due to the location.

The move has made a huge difference to Gillian, Hazel, Christian, David and Robin. They settled in straight away and have become happier in themselves. Their parents are also delighted with the move and have noticed the positive changes it has had on them.”

“Mencap and GLH approached me with an offer of a commercial arrangement that made sense” says Steven Dresser, the owner of the property. “We agreed a plan of the alterations needed to make the property accessible to the tenants, our joint investment, and agreed the terms of a seven year lease. The contractors I used worked closely with Mencap’s support staff, and GLH’s Development Team. It was the first time that I had worked on a housing project for people with learning disabilities. In addition to making a commercial investment I could see first hand the real differences that a new home can make to the lives of people and their relatives. It’s been personally very rewarding as well as a sound business decision.”

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