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Case Studies

Thomas, Sebastian and Archie

Thomas, Sebastian and Archie


Good friends Thomas, Sebastian and Archie are in their 20s. They live in Somerset using our Great Tenants approach supported by Brandon Trust.

Thomas, Sebastian and Archie said, “When we first moved into our home we wrote down what we wanted from sharing a place together.

‘We want to be healthy, hard working, independent team to share good time and the bad. Living our lives within the community in which we live. We want to look back on our time here with pride and a mountain of happy memories’.

We’re having a great time. We really like this house, we have fun and get on great with the staff.

It’s about team work, we all have chores to do, go shopping and help prepare the food. We’ve got to know the people in the shops, they’re nice. It’s good to use the skills we learnt in college and build on them.

Some of our friends live close by and we have started getting together at each other’s houses, and sometimes have a barbecue. We’re going to be doing more of that next year.

We all love football. Thomas follows Stoke City FC, Sebastian is a fan of Arsenal FC, whereas Archie supports any team. We are part of a football team and go training together, and often practice in the park close by. We’re thinking about having a sports day next year, that’d be good.

We like doing things together and have our own lives too. We regularly see our families too. Living independently is great!”




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