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Gary’s story

Gary’s story


Gary and his seven friends gained more control over their lives when they moved into supported living in London. Golden Lane Housing leased four flats through our Great Tenants approach.

Catalina Ignat, scheme manager at Brandon Trust explains how their lives have transformed.

“Gary lived in registered care for 20 years. He shared a large house with seven others. The communal areas were quite small, and the only personal space they had was in their bedroom.

The care home was no longer suitable and it was agreed Gary and his friends would move into the same block of modern flats. They have stayed good friends, regularly visiting each other. It feels much more homely and they can see it’s their home. There’s a concierge which gives an added security to the flats and they are very helpful.

Gary shares his flat with a housemate. It took him about two weeks to settle but after that he changed.

The old place was ‘service run’ home but since the move he’s in control of his own life and the staff are flexible and work around what he wants to do. He’s now in charge and makes decisions about what he wants to do and when. He often says ‘That’s my flat, that’s my keys’, it’s wonderful. The freedom that Gary is experiencing has made a positive change. It feels like a different life altogether. He likes planning what he is going to do, whether it’s shopping to going out for dinner.

With the help of assisted technology there is more privacy. The night bed occupancy and door sensor means we are alerted through a device. This is helping him to get undisturbed sleep as we’re no longer having to go into his room to see if he needs any support, which sometimes woke him up.

The flats have a beautiful courtyard garden with lovely plants and water which he enjoys. The location is great, it easily accessible to Central London. It’s within the same borough so he knows the area, and can still go to activities. It’s close to the river bank where there are good places to eat and try new activities.

I’m really enjoying seeing Gary and his friends happy in their own home. It’s their place, and now I have to arrange my visits around when they are available. It’s life changing for them.”




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