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Case Studies

Vicky’s story

Vicky’s story


“We like everything about this house, it’s perfect for us,” says Vicky, Gillian and Cecilia.

Cecilia, Gillian and Vicky were sharing a place together. As time passed their mobility began to get worse and they were finding it difficult to climb the steep stairs.

“They were so excited when we told them Golden Lane Housing was able to buy and specially adapt a house using the bond monies,” explains Clare Crowder, service manager at Mencap.

“We looked at a couple, and then found this one. It’s about a five minute drive from their old house, which means they know the area and it’s not affected any of their activities or work, the ladies have busy lives!

Vicky’s needed to be on the ground floor as she’s very unsteady on her feet. She’s got the largest bedroom with an ensuite wet room, this was originally the garage. Cecilia and Gillian decided which bedroom they wanted upstairs, they agree Cecilia could have the one with ensuite to help with her personal care.

When they were choosing the colour for their bedrooms, Vicky chose a maroon colour for a feature wall. The decorators did explain it would make the room darker, but it was Vicky’s choice and she’s got what she wanted! She’s ordered her wardrobes and they’re being fitted within the next few weeks. She’s a pink and purple lady and has bought new bedding to match, all the things in her room are very colour coordinated. All the pictures of her family and friends have been put up.

The kitchen is huge and has a seating area round one side. The sky lights and French windows help to let even more light in. It connects through to the lounge with double doors, which means there’s more than one way into the kitchen. Their new home is just gorgeous.

They’ve only been in the house a few weeks. Most of the unpacking has been done but they’ve got to put all the pictures up and they’ve been choosing to buy some new things.”




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