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Giles’ story

Giles’ story


“I have worked with Golden Lane Housing in my role as a supported living coordinator for the last 12 years and I have set up over 15 schemes with them covering the full range of supported living models and utilising an equally varied number of funding sources.

At all times I have found working with Golden Lane Housing to be an extremely successful and beneficial experience. Whether they are accessing capital via the bond scheme, or through their great tenants lease arrangement – at all times I have found them to be accessible, flexible and extremely knowledgeable when dealing with all aspects of providing specialist accommodation.

I have opened several bespoke properties that have required extensive refurbishment, and from a project management point of view they have always brought these projects in on time and on budget, and have been open to last minute alterations and requests for adaptations.

More recently given the financial restrictions that we are all working under – Golden Lane Housing and I have been working with the private sector in order to meet the need to provide suitable accommodation. Golden Lane Housing’s experience with working with their Great Tenants scheme, has meant that we have been able to work with a growing number of private landlords – who have now become some keen on the arrangement that they come to myself with would-be developments and offer to make adaptations before the tenant goes in.

The creative housing solutions that this has allowed us to develop have been extremely beneficial to all parties – in one particular service we were able to provide two people with appropriate accommodation and support at a saving to the department of over £1,000 per week.

Since Golden Lane Housing acquired Housing Association status this year we have developed a prizing winning shared service in Newark which provided suitable supported living accommodation to a group of people coming out of residential care. This move not only saved the authority over £600 per week in funding, but it gave the four service users a home that will provide them with suitable accommodation right into their old age.

In addition to working well with key professionals in the development and commissioning of services – Golden Lane Housing’s approach means that the work well with service users and families – their support to service users once they have moved is impeccable, and their response to repairs and requests for adaptation is timely and sensitive to the needs of the service user.

Overall my experience with Golden Lane Housing is that they are an excellent organisation to work in partnership with and I have no hesitation in commending them to your authority.”

Giles Blower, accommodation and support coordinator and adult social care and health and public protection/commissioning officer with the Young Adults Project team, Nottinghamshire County Council




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