Tenant showcase, Corona Creations

July 17, 2020

Golden Lane Housing invited tenants to take part in Corona Creations to showcase their creative talents and activities.

During March and April 2020, our housing officers were making welfare calls to check all our tenants were keeping safe and well. Tenants would often talk about their activities, and proudly showed their work on a video call or sent a photo.

Our housing team were inspired by all the wonderful examples and creative talents. They thought it would be a nice idea to showcase the work and share it with our tenants, staff and others. A small group of housing staff assisted by tenant engagement officer formed ‘Corona Creations’.

From 6 June 2020 to 6 July 2020 the tenant showcase was open to entries. There were lots of categories including:

  • arts and crafts
  • cooking and baking
  • exercise and well-being
  • gardening
  • entertainment.

We had a great response with over 30 entries. Our chief executive, John Verge drew the three prize winners at random and contacted the tenants via a WhatsApp video call to give them the good news that they had won a prize.

Thank you to everyone who took part, we enjoyed it and hope you did too.

You can see all our tenant’s fab Corona Creations in the video below.