February 9, 2024

From the today, Golden Lane Housing tenants will start to receive their copy of this year’s Tenant Satisfaction Survey. The survey is being sent by post to all tenants. The survey can also be completed online.

The 13 question survey is part of the new rules from the Regulator of Social Housing, known as the Tenant Satisfaction Measures and the results of the survey must be published on the GLH website.

There are strict rules around how the survey needs to be carried out, the survey design as well as limitations on what can be used to make the survey accessible.

The question wording too is set by the Regulator. The questions ask tenants to give their views about Golden Lane Housing on a range of topics, including repairs, complaints, their neighbourhood, anti-social behaviour.

As a landlord we welcome the new rules and this survey is another opportunity for us to hear from tenants about the things that they think are working well and help us to understand ways we can improve.

Completed forms should be sent back in the FREEPOST envelope provided.

The deadline for responses is 31st March 2024.