Golden Lane Housing tenant committee changes its name

October 9, 2023

Board and Tenants Working Together‘ is the new name for Golden Lane Housing’s tenant group, previously known as the Inclusion Advisory Group.

The decision to change the name of the group was the result of feedback from the group members. They suggested that the name could be made more accessible and better describe what the group does.

After a session held to come up with various names a vote was held by the members and the new name ‘Board and Tenants Working Together’ was agreed.

Stephen Smith, who is a tenant member of the group said of the new name, ‘I think it’s better because it’s all about working together. It’s easier to understand and I’m happy with the new name.

The Board and Tenants Working Together committee meet every 3 months. The group is currently made up of 3 tenants and 3 Board members. Support is provided by a member of our Executive Team and our Tenant Involvement Officer.

Tenants are involved in important decisions about their homes and matters that affect them. The group is an excellent example of how the tenant voice is listened to across Golden Lane Housing.