Repairs mascot visits ‘Design a Dixie’ competition winner

December 16, 2022

Repairs mascot visits Design a Dixie competition winner

Golden Lane Housing’s (GLH’S) mascot for Resolve Solutions, in-house repairs team, has travelled to the North to meet the Design a Dixie competition winner, and to meet GLH colleagues at the Manchester office.

Earlier this year, as part of a recruitment drive to get more tenants involved in having their voices hear to help improve services, GLH launched a competition for tenants to design their own version of Dixie the Daschund. GLH received over 100 entries and GLH colleagues voted for their favourite to be featured on the Resolve Solutions vans. The winning design, by GLH tenant Connor, is pictured below.

On her way up North, the infamous Daschund also visited the Manchester office for cuddles with colleagues and to do some filming and photoshoots – in true movie star style – as she’ll be featuring in some new videos for our GLH tenants. She also got to see the GLH office based teams in action, and have a look through all of the brilliant designs sent to us for the ‘Design a Dixie’ competition.


Ben Lawrence, Contracts Supervisor- South at GLH, and proud owner of Dixie, brought her up to the Manchester office and then took her to Middlesbrough to meet competition winner, Connor, and his housemates:

“Dixie enjoyed her visit to the office and tenants’ house thoroughly. We travelled from Kent to Manchester in preparation to meet the competition winner Connor in Middlesbrough. During Dixie’s visit to Connor and his housemates’ property, she soaked up plenty of cuddles from the tenants.

“David Allsopp GLH Resolve Multi-Skilled Operative, also came with us and showed Connor his winning Dixie design on the front of the van. We then had some tea and cake with the tenants and their support staff.

“Through having this competition, we got to meet some of our lovely tenants, and seeing their faces reiterated how much all of us at GLH love and take pride in the service we provide for our tenants – not only by helping to maintain their homes, but also by building good long-lasting relationships.”


Caroline Lamprey, Communications and Involvement Manager at GLH, said: “As well as being our Resolve Solutions mascot, Dixie has become a beloved colleague at GLH. Ben has taken her on visits to tenants properties and found that tenants engage really well with her. We’ve found that she has an ability to help some tenants communicate with us and open up to us more about issues they may be having in their property.

“Tenant involvement is extremely important to us at GLH, and we are always looking for different ways to engage with tenants and gain their feedback to help us improve our services. We’ve already set up a tenant Repairs Forum from the Design a Dixie campaign, and are looking forward to setting up more tenant forums around communication in the near future. We hope that our new video gives tenants more insight about what tenant involvement is and how important it is to us.


“Thank you to Dixie for being so professional and putting a smile on our colleagues’ and tenants’ faces, and to Ben for bringing her along.”


You can watch our new video introducing Dixie and the Resolve Solutions team by clicking here.


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