GLH supports Starts at Home day of action

September 1, 2022

Golden Lane Housing (GLH) is supporting the Starts at Home campaign’s day of action on Friday 2nd September 2022. Along with housing associations across the country, GLH will be raising awareness of the importance of supported housing and the positive impact it has on thousands of people’s lives.  

 GLH will be sharing quotes and clips from tenants about what their home means to them, as well as quotes from staff about the value of their work and the difference that having a safe and secure place to call home can make to somebody living a healthy and fulfilling life. Keep look out for these on GLH’s social media platforms – FacebookTwitter and Linkedin. 

  John Verge, Chief Executive at Golden Lane Housing, said: “At GLH we provide housing to over 2,500 people with a learning disability or autism across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We’re incredibly proud of what we do, and we can see first-hand how supported housing makes a real difference to our tenants – including seeing how it allows them to live independent, fulfilling lives.  

 “As highlighted by the National Housing Federation’s Starts at Home Campaign, housing associations offering supported housing services across the country are a vital part of the local community, supporting some of the most vulnerable in our society. They also have an impact on wider health services, as living in inappropriate, unaffordable or insecure accommodation can pose serious mental and physical health challenges. 

 “We are really pleased to be taking part in Starts at Home Day 2022 and we’re looking forward to hearing from our tenants and colleagues.”  


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About Golden Lane Housing:  

Golden Lane Housing (GLH) is one of the country’s leading supported housing landlords for people with a learning disability. We provide high quality housing across England, Wales and Northern Ireland that is tailored to meet a person’s specific needs and work in partnership with more than 150 support providers to ensure people have access to the support they need to live independently both in their home and community.  


About Our Plan: 

Golden Lane Housing (GLH) has launched its new three-year strategic plan, also known as ‘Our Plan 2022 – 2025.’ It focuses on providing safe and well repaired homes and making sure our services and the way we communicate are designed for people with a learning disability or autism. 

You can read more about Our Plan and download plain English or easy read copies by going to: