Golden Lane Housing’s in-house repairs service undergoing exciting expansion

July 14, 2022

Golden Lane Housing’s (GLH) in-house repairs team is currently undergoing an expansion to make sure it continues to deliver a fast and efficient customer focused repairs service to its tenants. 

Resolve Solutions was founded back in 2015, with three operatives working across the North of England. It delivered a ‘handy-man’ type of service to its tenants, for which it received great feedback. Fast forward to July 2022, the team now have 15 operatives working across England, Wales and Northern Ireland to help maintain over 1,300 properties. 

The expansion of the team follows the success operatives have had building relationships with tenants in their areas and completing repairs. Some recent feedback the team has recently received includes: 

“I met your operatives on the day of the works being carried out, and I must say they were very professional and spent time talking to me and my mother as they were doing the work on the property.

 “They were really good and I personally felt that they did everything they could to resolve the issues – they are a really good team.”


Barry Sully, National Contracts Manager for Resolve Solutions, said: 

 “The aim of setting up an in-house repairs team back in 2015 was to offer a more personalised and consistent service to our tenants. Seeing the same faces coming into properties allows our tenants to forge personal relationships with the operatives, and ultimately build up trust, hopefully helping to ease any anxieties tenants may have.

“As part of working towards the Tenant Satisfaction goal in Our Plan – the organisation’s new three-year strategic plan – we are really happy that we are now in a position to add more operatives to the team to help enable repairs to be completed more efficiently, with the backing of our tenants and Board.

“The expansion will also start to provide greater geographical coverage, improving response times for our tenants. Growing our work force will also improve the service generally and continue to provide our tenants and internal stakeholders with a fully rounded contractor experience.

“We are looking forward to expanding again later on in the year and welcoming new members to the GLH and Resolve Solutions family.”



About Our Plan:

Golden Lane Housing (GLH) has launched its new three-year strategic plan, also known as ‘Our Plan 2022 – 2025.’ It focuses on providing safe and well repaired homes and making sure our services and the way we communicate are designed for people with a learning disability or autism. 

You can read more about Our Plan and download plain English or easy read copies by going to: