Tenants encouraged to complete annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey

June 21, 2022

Golden Lane Housing (GLH)’s annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey is now landing on tenants’ doorsteps. The survey gives tenants the opportunity to make their voice heard to improve GLH services and properties. The survey focuses on how tenants feel about their homes and their views on GLH and GLH’s Resolve Solutions repairs service. This year, tenants also have the option to remain anonymous or to include their names or address 

Kelly-Marie Sutton, GLH tenant, More Voices, More Choices committee member and Tenant Satisfaction Survey representative, has recorded a video below to ask all our tenants to fill out the survey. She has also helped design the survey to help make it accessible, which includes features such as  definitions for what certain words mean and the very happy to very unhappy scale. 

Nicola Jones, Head of Repairs and Customer Services, said: “The first goal of Our Plan is to improve tenant satisfaction – this includes improving services and communication and increasing tenant satisfaction. We need to know from our tenants what we can do better and more about their needs and wants to achieve this goal. 

“Our aim is for tenants to live full and happy lives, and we know that feeling happy and safe in your home is a huge part of this. I would encourage all of our tenants to fill in the survey, and to ask for support to do this if they need it.” 

 Tenants will receive a paper version of the survey which they can send back to GLH, or they can fill it in online by going to . The deadline for responses to the survey is Friday 22nd July 2022.