Black History Month 2021

October 26, 2021

Black History Month takes place every October and is a time to celebrate, educate and raise awareness of the African and Caribbean culture across society. Throughout the month, colleagues across Golden Lane Housing (GLH) have been celebrating Black History Month by sharing links to interesting articles, books, documentaries and recipes.

GLH staff members Nikisha Knight, compliance assistant, and Sherrie Roach, repairs advisor, explain why they think it’s important to celebrate Black History Month and what their culture means to them. You can read their full interviews by clicking here.

Nikisha Knight, compliance assistant, said:
“My grandmother was born in beautiful Jamaica and is one of seven children born in 1951 and came to England in 1966. I moved to Manchester when I was four years old with my mother and brother.

“For me, Black History Month is a time for Black people to share and show other cultures our contributions in the world. We have a strong, rich heritage and the world would not be what it is today without our inventions, architecture, art, music, food, style, and soul contributions.”

Sherrie Roach, property centre services advisor, said: “I am mixed raced. My grandad came over to the UK from Barbados in 1961 and set up home with my Nana who is English. My grandad has always instilled in me the importance of connecting with my black roots.”

“I think it is important for everyone to be able to appreciate the beauty that comes from the black community. It is also very important as we live a multi-cultural society, which is reflected within the staff at GLH. So why wouldn’t we embrace the diversity and beauty within all our different cultures, it’s absolutely amazing.”

There is lots of information about Black History Month online, including ideas for recipes and TV programmes.

Last year, GLH tenants Daniel and David, shared their traditional Caribbean recipe for 5 Cheese Macaroni Pie. You can download the recipe by clicking here.

We’d love to hear how you’ve been celebrating Black History Month. Please send in any pictures to us on social media—make sure to tag in GLH: