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Jack’s story

Jack’s story


Jack is 23 years old. Within the last three years he has suffered from two strokes which has affected his mobility. Wanting to share a place with his friends, Golden Lane Housing (GLH) was able to buy and specially adapt his home using 2014 Retail Charity Bond monies.

Jack’s Mother had passed away when he was very young. He lived in the family home with his Father and two Sisters before going to college where he learnt more skills to become independent.

Pauline Cann, Area Operations Manager at Mencap explains, “Jack had his first stroke which had slightly affected his mobility. He was still determined to live independently and share a place with his two friends, Steven and Ed. A few months before they left we worked with the college so they could get to know the staff who were going to support them.

We began looking for a suitable property but unfortunately one hadn’t been found at the point they were leaving college. Jack, Steven and Ed decided to rent a place together through GLH’s Great Tenants approach while the search continued. During this time Jack suffered his second stroke, it was only a year after the first. His rehabilitation was spent in hospital as he couldn’t get up the stairs to his bedroom at home. It was quite stressful few weeks for him. The stroke limited his mobility further, affecting his right side and has left him with a gated walk.

We were advised there was a strong likelihood that Jack would have another stroke in the near future which may reduce his mobility even more. We wanted to make sure he would be able come home to recuperate – being in his own bed surrounded by family and friends with staff to support him would also aid his recovery. This changed the specification of the property as Jack needed a downstairs bedroom and wet room to support with his personal hygiene. He can climb the stairs but he’s very unsteady on his feet and needs aids and support from staff.

The perfect property was found in Street. Although the garage had already been converted into a bedroom the room, it was large enough to be reconfigured to include an ensuite wet room. The access to the front door was relocated removing part of the wall and a few wide shallow steps with a rail were built. Jack is really happy with his new room, he’s a massive football fan so it’s painted red to go with his Manchester United bedding!”

Adam, Jack’s Father is very happy with all the support and hard work that both Mencap and GLH have done to make it a success. Adam says, “I have peace of mind now that should Jack ever have another stroke then he would always have somewhere to recuperate that met his needs. I am a builder and from my point of view the alterations and decorations and all the work completed throughout their home is to a high standard. I’m really pleased with everything everyone has done for Jack and the others.”




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